chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneyBankruptcy is often the last resort for people who face a large debt that could be credit card bills, hospital bills or any other financial obligation. When you face mounting debt, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often your best way of getting your life back on track. Chapter 7 offers a fresh start but you should consider getting legal advice to see you through the legal proceedings.

ROY & ASSOCIATES, P.A. is a West Palm Beach bankruptcy law firm with experience in consulting and managing Chapter 7 bankruptcies. We provide comprehensive consultations and guidance about all aspects of Chapter 7 to our clients.

Chapter 7 is all about relief from your debts whether they are bills or other financial obligations. If you have fallen on hard times, you might consider filing a Chapter 7. At our offices in West Palm Beach, we help Floridians seek relief from the pressure of bill collectors. For many hardworking middle class families, this is an all too common reality.

Our experience in managing and consulting people on how to best handle Chapter 7 is structured to help people start over without unbearable financial obligations and a mountain of unpaid bills.

There have been changes to the US Bankruptcy Code through the years. Whether you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy under these changes depends on two important factors.

The first is the Means Test.

A means test is a simple test designed to screen out people filing for bankruptcy. The test evaluates whether you have the ability to pay back some portion of your obligations. If you clear the test, you may stand a very high chance of a successful Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The second factor is how much you are earning right now. This amount is compared to the Florida median income. If it falls short, you could file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. One important thing to remember while doing these comparisons is the deductions that you could legally do from the amount of your salary before the comparison. This important tip has saved may people from being rejected for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

At ROY & ASSOCIATES, P.A. we make sure that you receive effective legal advice on how to successfully proceed with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.