Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Business Interruption and COVID-19

All of us understand that it is an incredibly difficult time for all businesses. And still the uncertainty with timing and government programs is still changing daily. Our family, friends, staff members, clients or customers and the very future of your business are all in the crosshairs of the coronavirus.

When business is disrupted, there may be legal recourse.

Dave Roy and Associates, with offices in West Palm Beach Florida, are prepared to answer your questions about business interruption insurance. We can review your policies and claim in a free, no-obligation consultation.

It is complex. Business interruption insurance is typically not a stand-alone policy, but part of an overall comprehensive insurance policy or as part of a property or casualty insurance policy. If you, like many small and mid-sized business owners, secured such a policy, you may have questions about your future and filing a claim.

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A no-cost review of your policy will provide you a clear understanding of what is expressly covered and what is not. We will evaluate types of damages, loss of income, operating expenses and other consideration factors.
When the U.S. endured previous pandemics, such as the SARS pandemic, courts awarded claims for business interruption. Current policies and courts may not specifically exclude losses from pandemics. As of now, Florida courts have not yet ruled on the COVID-19 issue, however this is a day-by-day battle.

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