Civil Litigation


Florida Civil Litigation

If you are initiating a lawsuit or need to defend yourself or your business, consult Roy & Associates, P.A. in West Palm Beach, Florida. A skilled legal professional has knowledge of complex state and federal statutes as well as the workings of local and regional courts.

A lawyer can help with civil matters including insurance defense, foreclosure defense, homeowners insurance denials, wills and estates, real estate, condo association actions, contractor and construction disputes, tenant/ landlord actions, fire damage, bug infestation, product liability and many other conflicts.

Businesses often find themselves on the receiving end of lawsuits or unfavorable insurance claims and need skilled representation. Federal laws also regulate business in areas including bankruptcy, finances, and antitrust. We will either represent you or guide you to select an appropriate lawyer.

A West Palm Beach civil and business litigation attorney represents individuals and businesses in civil, contract, or tort law. For example, in civil cases, such as property damage disputes, the outcome is typically a financial award or penalty. Contract law is aimed at resolving arguments over written or verbal agreements. Tort law pertains to cases in which negligence or intentional actions on the part of a person or business cause injury or damage. Statutes of limitations apply to each type of law, so don’t delay in pursuing legal action when justified.

Many avenues of dispute resolution are available, and a West Palm Beach civil and business litigation attorney knows how to advocate, negotiate, or litigate each case depending on the specific circumstances. Litigation, or a court case, is the last resort if alternative ways of resolving the dispute are not productive. The easier options are mediation, in which someone helps the two parties come to an agreement; and arbitration by a trained “referee” who decides the outcome. With any approach, it is critical to have an attorney at your side.

Even before legal difficulties arise, an experienced lawyer can prevent problems by reducing your exposure to legal risk–through estate planning, for example–setting up corporations and LLCs, and preparing thorough, comprehensive business contracts.