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Florida property disputes can be very complicated due to passion people have for the property they own. Any sort of infringement can feel like a personal attack.  Before you take matters into your own hands, seek out legal counsel to clarify your legal rights and responsibilities.   Do not engage in your own sort of wild west activities to protect your land without understanding your rights and the potential consequences of your actions.   Seek out legal means to settle your dispute.

At ROY & ASSOCIATES, P.A. we believe that in matters of civil litigation, and especially dealing with property disputes, a proactive approach usually works best. As your Florida property disputes attorney, we understand that while property-related legal matters could become heated and the financial and emotional impact of civil litigation in the area of property disputes is often very high, the case should be approached with care and attention to the law.

Property disputes happen among neighbors, families, churches and communities, schools, parks and businesses. Our services range from drafting property leases and contracts,  disputes about property contract violations and all other related issues.

While we are always ready to file a lawsuit on behalf of our clients, we prefer to settle things in a mediation session. These sessions often prove to be very useful in resolving the issues at hand and could result in peaceful and cost effective solutions for both parties. We are committed to resolving cases in the best interests of our client.

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