West Palm Beach Tort Law Attorney

Torts West Palm Beach

As a legal services provider we have noticed that in many cases people are unaware of their legal rights and are unprepared t0 defend their own legal rights nor understand others. Tort law is an example of this basic legal right, every American should know about.  Every citizen should know that Tort is a civil wrong or injury committed against a person.

Intentional, negligence or strict liability are common types of Torts. In case anybody deliberately or knowingly causes injury or damages for anyone, he/she can be legally challenged in legal court of the jurisdiction area where the incident has taken place. Damages or injury caused by someone’s negligence (where it is proved that the person who caused this damage didn’t do it intentionally) are termed as negligence Torts.

Another type of tort is the strict liability torts. Strict liability torts are defined as “torts resulting from ultra-hazardous acts for which the defendant will be held accountable even if there are no neglect on his/her part” such as dog bites.

ROY & ASSOCIATES, P.A. are a Florida law firm that has an experienced West Palm Beach Tort Law Attorney with an extensive knowledge of the legal rights of our clients. We believe that in matters of torts of all applicable types, a proactive approach usually works the best.
We have the knowledge and more importantly the legal skills to provide our clients with competent legal representation in tort law and civil litigation related cases.  Our priority is the best interests of our clients and we fight for our clients to the fullest extent of the law.  To speak to our legal team, please call us or visit our contact page.