Florida sealing and expungement attorney

Sealing and Expungement Attorney West Palm Beach

It is said that our mistakes can come back to haunt us. In criminal defense cases, one small mistake can cause a lifetime time of embarrassment or worse, seriously hurt your chances of getting a job, a college admission or a place to live.
If you were ever arrested or issued a notice to appear in criminal court, you have a criminal record even if the charge was later dismissed. This history is easily accessible to prospective employers, landlords, or anyone who takes the time to look.

You may qualify to get your record sealed or expunged so that it will not show up on criminal background checks. Roy & Associates, P.A. has extensive experience in sealing and expungement of criminal records. We will discuss your case with you to determine your eligibility for sealing and expungement. The process can be lengthy, so it is in your best interest to contact us as soon as possible.

We will evaluate your case. file all the necessary documents and appear in court on your behalf.   Call or email us today.