Florida Family and Divorce Law

If you are facing divorce or family court issues in Florida, a West Palm Beach family law attorney can help the legal process go as smoothly as possible. You’ll need a lawyer who is an advocate and counselor so that legal issues don’t add to your stress at a challenging time in life.

The common key issues in a divorce are the division of marital property, assets, and debts, alimony, time-sharing (formerly “custody”) and child support. Florida family law statutes call for an equitable division of marital property—the court assesses each spouse’s situation to split assets and debts fairly.

Regarding time-sharing (formerly “child custody”) a West Palm Beach divorce attorney/family law attorney will explain that Florida law generally requires shared parental responsibility for children in the form of parenting plans and timesharing. Each parent has full rights and responsibilities. You will need to talk to your former spouse about any major decisions affecting your child’s well-being, medical decisions, school, religion and so forth. If you desire sole parental responsibility, you may need a lawyer to help you achieve that goal.

Timesharing defines the child(ren)’s schedule with each parent. The best interests of the child are the primary concern of the courts. For instance, factors in deciding timesharing include each parent’s relationship with the child, the school location, childcare, the child’s preferences and family support, among other factors.

Child support is determined primarily by making a mathematical calculation. Considerations in calculating child support include the amount of time spent with each parent, each parent’s finances and ability to pay, and the number of children.

Your lawyer will consult with you at the outset of your case. Be honest and let your lawyer know the facts. It may be likely that you’ll file a no-fault divorce petition so you don’t need to give a reason for the break-up. No-fault also means that only one spouse needs to consent for the divorce to be finalized.

Other family law issues include alimony (spousal support), which may be required of the main breadwinner. If you are facing a claim for alimony or entitled to alimony from your spouse, a lawyer can help you understand your rights. Some families face paternity cases and other legal concerns that can be handled by your lawyer.

While it is difficult to go through a family ordeal, an experienced West Palm Beach divorce/family law attorney can make the legal process as painless as possible.

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