Alimony Modification

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Alimony Modification West Palm Beach

Alimony in Florida has experienced a lot of attention and controversy. It seems there are constant attempts to reform the current Florida alimony laws under Florida family law, but recent attempts have been rebuffed by Governor Rick Scott.  Your attempt at alimony modification does not have to be approved by the governor, but a judge will have to approve your modification request.  It’s best to have an experienced family law attorney working on your behalf to give you the best chance of success in your request.

Even before you start the alimony modification process, ROY & ASSOCIATES, P.A. in West Palm Beach can review your legal rights and options to best guide your through the modification process.

Why are you asking for an Alimony Modification?  You have probably already done some research on your own maybe online or from friends regarding your desire to receive an alimony modification.  You should know that every case is different; there are nuances in the legal realm that allow for a broad variety of results.  You may want an increase or a decrease, either way an experienced attorney in your county will know the in and outs of the local legal system in West Palm Beach and seek to give your wishes and legal rights the very best chances of success.

Instead of spending weeks thinking about it, take action today and seek out legal counsel from ROY & ASSOCIATES, P.A..

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