Child Support Modification

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Child Support Modification West Palm Beach

Child Support is derived from a set calculation based on the income and expenses of each parent or spouse.  A lawyer can help you ascertain if all the facts concerning accurate expenses and income sources have been disclosed. ROY & ASSOCIATES, P.A.we have the experience and sensitivity to effectively handle your child support and modification needs that is inline with Florida family and divorce law.

The focus must always be the best interests of the child or children who are dealing with significant changes in their lives that can be very confusing.   Dramatic changes to the income of either spouse can be reason for a support modification.  To find out if your request for a support modification might be approved, contact ROY & ASSOCIATES, P.A.  Our family law experience allows us to serve you and defend your legal rights.

We can help you navigate the legal requirements for modifying a child support order in a Florida court. Call now to speak with an attorney from ROY & ASSOCIATES, P.A. who will be happy to review your support modification options.

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