Landlord / Tenant


West Palm Beach Florida Landlord-Tenant Law

The relationship between landlords and tenants has long been a cause of lawsuits and legal actions. Landlord-Tenant law is governed by Florida Statutes that must be closely followed.

Our services are available to both landlords and tenants. Our legal team is well versed in all aspects of the Florida Landlord-Tenant law. Our services range from drafting of lease and rent contracts to filing eviction lawsuits related to nonpayment of rent, disputes about property contract violations and tenant-related issues, including property damage and return of security deposits.

While we are always ready to file a lawsuit on behalf of our clients, we prefer to settle things in a mediation session. These sessions often prove to be very useful in resolving the issues at hand and could result in peaceful and cost effective solutions for both parties.

For landlords, we offer two sets of services. First, we draft and finalize leases that set out the terms in clear, simple language. Second, if problems arise, we initiate proceedings according to your specific circumstances. In cases of nonpayment of rent and other dues, we commence eviction lawsuits that see to it that the tenants are removed from the property in a fair but timely manner.

For tenants, we provide a similar set of services. We review your documents to point out the possible pitfalls. When our clients face legal proceedings such as eviction notices, we take immediate action to provide maximum relief to our clients.

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