West Palm Beach Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Every day hundreds of foreclosure suits are filed and in many cases, owners are not aware of their foreclosure rights. Worse, many owners make mistakes that only aggravate their plight. People are unsure of what to do in cases where they fall behind on their mortgage payments.

In many foreclosure defense cases, the best course of action is to have a plan to deal with the crisis. A homeowner should be aware of the complexities involved and the legal statutes that are involved. But perhaps the most important thing for a homeowner is proper representation.   The Banks and Loan companies have attorneys to represent their interests.

foreclosure defense attorney

I've Been Threatened with Foreclosure!

If you are notified of a foreclosure, the first thing you should is to call a local law firm and retain their services. ROY & ASSOCIATES, P.A. is a West Palm Beach foreclosure defense firm.

We believe that a successful foreclosure defense should be able to give the defendants some breathing space. Many times a successful loan modification or short sale can be accomplished. Otherwise, we can defend your case to the very end - trial. Even if that is unsuccessful, Roy & Associates, P.A. can help you consider bankruptcy as a method to resolve your foreclosure problem.

Foreclosures are not to be taken lightly. This is the mistake that people often make. In some cases, the bank or the sheriff’s deputies are just days away from knocking on your door. Once that happens, your options may be reduced.   Do not ignore or delay taking action to defend your home from foreclosure: Act Now!

We welcome foreclosure-related litigation and cases in all stages. No matter how far down the line your case is, we would be happy to listen to you and provide guidance on how to prevent the foreclosure of your home or obtain an acceptable resolution.

To speak to our Real Estate Law team, please call us or visit our contact page.

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