Causes of Auto Accidents in Florida

“Over 2.5 million people in the U.S. are involved in road accidents each year. The population of the US is just 318.9 million. At this rate, the American people could be extinct in two human lifespans“.  Car accidents can be relatively minor or leave you with lifelong disabilities depending on the severity of your accident.  There are a variety of personal injuries that can be caused: whiplash, broken bones, concussions, and much more.  You should know what to do after a car accident.  You will need to take down the other driver’s license, insurance, and contact information.  Call the police and make sure you obtain a copy of their report.  If you have suffered an injury from the accident, get professional help to assist you with filing your claim successfully.

While it is always best to practice defensive driving, it can’t always help you avoid other driver’s poor decisions.  There are many dangers on the road beyond your control that cause the bulk of Florida car accidents.  Read on for the most common causes of auto accidents in the sunshine state.

1.) Distracted driving.  Driving while distracted is the number one cause of auto accidents in Florida.  Using a cell phone, eating, changing radio stations and doing anything other than focusing on the road is considered distracted driving and can be very dangerous.  For example, texting and driving causes more car accidents than drunk driving.  This has become such an issue that 46 states have banned texting while driving and 16 have banned using a handheld cell phone while in the car.  With so many drivers on their phones defensive driving is critically important.

2.) Drunk driving.  While it’s surprising that so many people continue to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is still a prevalent problem.  Drunk driving isn’t just dangerous, it’s also expensive.  “The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $44 billion.” While you can make sure that you are never impaired behind the wheel you can’t control the choices of others.  Be aware of the drivers around you and look out for telltale signs of impaired driving such as swerving, tailgating, and drifting between lanes.

3.) Speeding.  Many drivers simply do not realize how dangerous speeding can be.  The faster a vehicle is traveling the longer it takes to slow down or stop.  Speeding during inclement weather makes the situation even more dangerous.  There are many unexpected things that can happen on the road and a person speeding simply doesn’t have enough time to stop and avoid causing an accident.

4.) Road rage.  This phenomenon is characterized by aggressive behavior caused by stress and frustration on the roads.  Road rage has led to violent altercations and even death.  Road rage can start with something as small as an aggressive gesture or honking of the horn but can escalate quickly.  If you are ever on the road and experience road rage from another driver take steps to protect yourself: refrain from engaging, if possible drive to the nearest police station, and call for help.  If you find that you have problems controlling your anger while driving, know that you are not alone and then work on anger management techniques.  It can be challenging to have so many people and vehicles sharing the road but controlling the stress and frustration of the situation will help keep everyone safer.

5.) Improper vehicle maintenance/vehicle malfunction.  Every car owner has the responsibility and obligation to maintain their vehicle.  Neglect due to ignorance, financial difficulties or time constraints can lead to unsafe conditions on the road.  For instance, if tires are too worn they may not be able to gain traction causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle or he or she could suffer a blowout.  If a vehicles brakes are not maintained the driver may not be able to stop suddenly when needed.  Along with regular maintenance, it is also important to be aware of any vehicle recalls.  Vehicle malfunction issues can include your brakes, transmission, engine and a slew of other issues.  If an individual causes an accident due to neglect he or she could be responsible for any personal injury caused.

6.) Weather conditions.  This road hazard comes in many forms.   Thick fog can create low visibility while rain and sleet can make roadways slick and treacherous.  Weather conditions can create a wide variety of dangerous conditions and it is important to know how to handle them.  If you experience extreme weather conditions and are uncomfortable driving, don’t hesitate to pull over.  Avoid traveling in dangerous conditions whenever possible and if you are not able to stay off the road drive appropriately and with additional caution.  Those around you may not exercise the same caution so you will need to particularly aware of your surroundings.

Being a responsible and aware driver is not enough to guarantee you will not be involved in an accident.  With so many people on the road today, the likelihood of being in an accident is high.  If you experience a personal injury caused by an auto accident seek expert help in filing a claim and exercising your rights.  You may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries and expenses incurred.  We are happy to evaluate your situation and assist you every step of the way through the claims process.  We will strive for the most positive outcome possible in the aftermath of an accident.  Please give us a call at 561-729-0095 and allow us the opportunity to help you.